Son of El Elyon (on phone camera)

Hated, forsaken by men A Man of pains Who knows the sickness of all As one from whom man hid his face He has borne our briefs And He carried all our pains He was pierced for our transgressions He was crushed for our sins He is the Son of El Elyon Worthy is He Who was slain (Worthy's the Lamb that was slain) To receive power and wealth and wisdom,
Might and honor and glory and blessing All we like sheep have gone far We've all turned away In the flesh we have devised A heaven and earth without God And the LORD has laid Laid on Him all our sin He was oppressed and afflicted Yet He spoke not a word It was the will of the LORD To put Him to grief His soul was tendered for guilt As witness of His coming bride Out of perfect love He has seen and was glad This bride of Christ is forgiven By His blood we are saved Written using Isaiah 53 and Revelation 5:12 words and music: Josh Garrett (C)JoshuaPatrickGarrett2013

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Grace and Peace!
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