Monday, October 19, 2015

The Neopolitan Sixth Chord

If you want to change up your turnaround at the end of a phrase in natural minor, try this chord progression: i - N6 - i6/4 - V - i.

The Neopolitan Sixth chord voicing is a flat II chord in first inversion, meaning the third is in the bass (bII6; e.g. from low to high strings in Am: DBbDF). The third of an N6 chord is the fourth of the i chord (D).

The cadential i6/4 chord is the 'i' chord with the fifth in the bass (2nd inversion). (e.g. from low to high strings in Am: EACE)

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Make your basic minor chord more interesting

In this video I demonstrate how one may use extended harmony to change a basic minor chord in a chord progression. When done correctly using proper voice leading, these can add some depth to the songs that you are writing and/or performing.

It is so important to understand the scales that chords are derived from, and reach the point where you know without hesitation where those notes are on the fretboard. It should eventually become 'second nature' to you. That takes practice. 

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