By Day The LORD Commands His Love

This is a worship song I wrote a few years back. I haven't written that much for some time, and I see this as the season of my life to finally do this recording project. I am excited to see how the Lord will direct and bless this endeavor. I do not plan to stop recording, as this has been a long overdue work that I believe needs to keep going until the Lord takes me home.

Scripture verses used:
Psalm 42:8; 149:5; 65:8b; 17:15b


By day the Lord commands His love
And at night His song is with me (42:8a)
In glory joyful I will sing on my bed (149:5)
A prayer to the God of my life (42:8b)

You make the going out of the morning
And the evening to shout for joy (65:8b)
If my breath shall tarry and I awake
With Your likeness I'm satisfied (17:15b)

(Most of the words are from the Psalms using the ESV.)

May this song bless you richly, encouraging you to keep yourselves in the love of God (Jude 21), and may it bless the Lord as His Spirit leads you to sing it to Him.

Grace and Peace,