The Neopolitan Sixth Chord

If you want to change up your turnaround at the end of a phrase in natural minor, try this chord progression: i - N6 - i6/4 - V - i.

The Neopolitan Sixth chord voicing is a flat II chord in first inversion, meaning the third is in the bass (bII6; e.g. from low to high strings in Am: DBbDF). The third of an N6 chord is the fourth of the i chord (D).

The cadential i6/4 chord is the 'i' chord with the fifth in the bass (2nd inversion). (e.g. from low to high strings in Am: EACE)

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  2. Would it be possible to get a copy of your YouTube 3 note chord voiceings in tab or notation?

    1. Hello archtopnel! Sorry for the late reply. I would have to review what I played and then notate it. I may do that and provide a link to a pdf. I will let you know if and when that's available. Thanks for your interest. ~ Josh


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